medium sized dog accommodation

At Midtown Pet Centre we have designed our facility to specifically meet the individual needs of small, medium and large dogs. To ensure all our pets are comfortable and relaxed for the duration of their stay we offer a selection of room types.

Medium to Large Dogs

For our medium sized dogs, our indoor kennel facility has been innovatively designed as a rotunda, which allows for both constant socialization and privacy simultaneously.

Each room is furnished with clean, comfortable bedding and refreshing, purified water. The highest hygienic standards are adhered to when cleaning and maintaining all accommodation facilities.

The incorporation of an enormous skylight allows natural light to flood through the dog boarding kennels rooms. Each individual suite at our Gold Coast Pet Motel is specially designed to allow the guests to view other patrons whilst maintaining their privacy.

If you have a dog who is social and revels in the company of others, we have a special buddy program available for them. Is your dog more independent? Do they prefer a quieter setting, away from the others? You can rest easy knowing that they will still get plenty of exercise and enjoyment out of their playtime and through their relaxing walks with their attentive carer. Regardless of your dog’s temperament, there’s an endless abundance of wide open spaces for them to enjoy at our pet resort on the Gold Coast.

As if that wasn’t enough pampering for your medium to large dog, we also offer a variety of services including:

Free medical administering

We can administer any required medication as instructed, at no extra cost. However it should be noted that it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the pet has the required medication supply for their length of stay with us.

Vet on call 24 / 7

In the event your medium to large dog falls ill during their stay, a vet can be contacted at any time of the day or night and be at our premises at a moment’s notice to tend to your loved one. Our capable staff are also fully trained in basic first aid.

Home cooked meals

Our cooks prepare meals of your pet’s liking in our fully equipped chef’s kitchen. Alternatively we provide a full range of dry foods, tin foods and dog rolls.

Medium sized dog kennels
Medium sized dogs exercising
Rooms for medium sized dogs
Dog on a veranda

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