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Professional Gold Coast Pet Sitting Services


Midtown Pet Centre offer Gold Coast pet sitting here at the resort and also in your home.


Home Care from just: $25.00

Some pets simply prefer to stay at home. We offer a home care service, which caters for all types of animals in the comfort of their own home. In addition to caring for your beloved fury, finned or flighty friends we will happily collect the mail and tend to any domestic duties needing attention. Our customers are able to select from a choice of one or two visits per day.


pet sitting gold coastThe Home Care option is designed to meet the needs of a range of animals, regardless of breed or size. This service ensures that all pets, great and small have the opportunity to experience the care Midtown Pet Centre offers. Our team of warm and friendly animal carers are pet lovers just like you and provide professional, highly personalised pet sitting services that guarantee an enjoyable, stress-free experience for each and every pet they look after.


We follow your pet care instructions precisely and treat your pets with the same level of kindness, consideration and affection that we do for our own pets. Pets crave attention and we understand that talking and cuddling them is every bit as important to their wellbeing as feeding and walking them (in the case of dogs) is. Our Gold Coast pet sitting services give you the confidence of knowing that your beloved companions are being looked after by highly trained animal carers who absolutely adore every pet they’re entrusted with.


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Dogs are famous for their highly sociable and playful personalities and typically thrive at our Pet Resort on the Gold Coast, but on the occasions where you would prefer to have them cared for at home, we are only too happy to take care of them for you. Each visit that we make to your home can involve walking your dog(s), feeding them, administering medication, playing with them, cleaning the yard, or just keeping them company.

pet sitting gold coast


Leaving a dog at a boarding facility can cause separation anxiety for some, especially older dogs. Dogs who experience such anxiety may suffer a number of symptoms including loss of appetite, gnawing, fretting and more. Taking advantage of our pet sitting services allows your beloved dog to:

  • Be cared for in an environment that is familiar to them
  • Enjoy their standard daily routine
  • Eat their regular meals at a time that they’re accustomed to
  • Be administered with any special medication or exercises they require


Regular exercise is essential for a dog’s overall wellbeing and vitality and the team at Midtown Pet Centre ensure that your dogs receive all the exercise they require. Whether you want us to play with them out in the backyard, walk them around the block or take them down to the local park, we will always accommodate your requests.



Rather than transferring your cat to a cattery, you can simply choose to leave them in the comfort of their own home and have one of our pet carers visit them to supply food and water and of course to lavish attention on them. Whilst cats are indeed independent by nature, they are also highly territorial with a strong sense of attachment to their home and can feel intimidated by unknown environments.


Cats suffering separation anxiety will often display symptoms such as appetite loss, hiding, scratching as well as repeated bouts of meowing. More than any other animal, cats are best suited to be cared for in their own home environment, where they feel safe and comfortable. Tending to your cat in an environment that they’re familiar with, alleviates any stress that may be associated with external boarding.


With our cat sitting services, your cat(s) will:

  • Be cared for in their own home
  • Get to enjoy their regular routine
  • Have their normal meals
  • Be administered with any medication they require
  • Be treated to all the warmth and compassion that they’re used to



Bunny rabbits are often very shy and timid creatures by nature and leaving them at a boarding facility can be a very distressing ordeal for them. With our rabbit sitting services, our trained pet carers will visit your home and happily look after your rabbits for you, in your absence.



Similar to cats and rabbits, birds benefit greatly by being taken care of at their home residence. Whether you have parrots, cockatoos, budgies, canaries or any other species, the team at Midtown Pet Centre is capable of providing all the necessary care and assistance to ensure your bird(s) stay in tip top shape, while you’re away.


Other Pets

In addition to looking after dogs, cats, rabbits and birds, our pet sitting services also extend to the care of guinea pigs, mice, reptiles and poultry. If you have a particularly exotic pet and aren’t sure whether or not our services cater for you, just ask us!


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