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Introducing The Gold Coast’s Premier Pet Hotel

Located on beautiful acreage amongst the tranquil surrounds of the Gold Coast hinterland, Midtown Pet Centre offers luxury pet accommodation for cats and dogs of all sizes. Whether it’s a brief daily visit, an overnight stay, weekend sojourn or long-term vacation, our purpose-built Gold Coast pet hotel provides the ultimate home away from home for your pets. We understand the high expectations that you have for accommodation and our warm and affectionate pet carers are committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit for your beloved pets.


Why Midtown Pet Centre?

  • Family owned and operated business on the Gold Coast for over 40 years
  • The pet centre is situated on prime hinterland acreage, providing the ultimate playground for your beloved pets
  • Five star, climate-controlled air conditioning system that ensures pleasant conditions all year round
  • Located only 15 minutes from the Gold Coast international airport
  • Long scenic walks for dogs and unlimited playtime with every stay
  • Cattery features both indoor and patio suites
  • Plenty of activities to keep your pets amused throughout the day
  • All luxury cat and dog suites are immaculately maintained and cleaned multiple times throughout the day with a Trigene cleaning solution, to ensure maximum hygiene and comfort your pets
  • Home cooked and / or premium quality food is supplied to all pets as standard
  • All dog kennels are large and spacious and furnished with comfortable bedding and enrichment toys to ensure each guest is happy and content
  • All medication is administered at no additional charge
  • Clipping and grooming available on-site
  • Professional dog training available on-site
  • Premium pet minding services; no minimum stay. Pets are treated to our full range of services
  • Pet sitting; we come to you! For more information, please refer to our pet sitting page
  • State-of-the-art security system, featuring surveillance, alarms and entrance codes throughout the entire facility, in addition to 24 hour access to vets, police and fire department
  • Exemplary customer service


The Midtown Pet Centre Difference

The friendly team at Midtown Pet Centre pride themselves on delivering an outstanding boarding experience for every pet that boards at the hotel. From the moment they arrive at our facility, till the time that they’re collected from us, each pet is made to feel at home and treated like family. Maintaining a successful pet hotel requires ongoing expenditure and from the very first day that it was constructed back in the 70’s, we’ve continued to invest in the infrastructure and evolve our methods.


Since its inception, our goal has always been to create a ‘home away from home’ for our pets. We’ve sought to develop an environment that closely mimics what each pet experiences at home; their surroundings, their daily routine, their level of social interaction and so on. We’ve always endeavoured to create an environment that felt natural to them, not alien. A key factor to accomplishing this is through the care and attention each pet is shown when they stay with us. Our carers are pet lovers just like you and possess a genuine affection for your pets.


Like people, we understand that each cat and dog has its own unique personality. Some pets are highly sociable and prefer the company of others, while other pets are more shy and reserved by nature and feel more comfortable when they’re on their own. If you’re a first time client of ours, we’ll take all the time necessary to learn everything we can about your cat or dog. This knowledge will help us to provide the best possible experience for them during their stay.


Whether it’s a long-term stay or a short-term visit, your pets a guaranteed a wonderful time with the warm and friendly pet minders at Midtown Pet Centre. We continue to receive praise and positive recognition for our services by our clients, which is a testament to our high level pet care.


Stress-Free Experience

We recognise that the prospect of having your pet stay at our resort can be stressful and worrying for both the pets and their owners. After more that 40 years, we have tailored your pets transition into our care down to a fine art.


Each member of our team is exemplarily qualified and can help guide your pet through the transition from home and settle into their new surroundings quickly and happily.  We always recommend that any new client spends the time to come and have an inspection and allow us a ‘meet and greet’ with your pet.


This not only gives you the opportunity to meet with our team, view our facility and ensure that you feel 100% comfortable, it also allows us to meet your pet and check that he/she will be suitable for boarding in our facility.



Pet vaccinations help guarantee a safe and enjoyable environment for all guests staying at the resort. All cats must possess a current F3 vaccination, while dogs require either an up-to-date C5 vaccination or a C3 vaccination with an annual KC booster. Please consult the ‘vaccinations’ section of our policies page for further information.


Ticks and Fleas

To help ensure the safety of all pets staying with us, each pet must have sufficient flea and tick protection before boarding. To find out which medications and preventative measures are required, please refer to the ‘ticks and fleas’ section of our policies page.


Veterinary Service

If your pet does manage to fall ill during their stay with us, we have direct access to a vet who can be called upon to provide emergency medical care at any time of the day or night. As an added precaution, owners may elect to supply the details of their family vet on the day of their arrival.


Premium Quality Meals

As part of their first class experience, each pet is treated to a fine assortment of high quality, gourmet meals, consisting of rice, chicken and vegetables. If your pet is a particularly fussy eater or has special dietary requirements, you are welcome to bring along their pre-packaged meals for us to serve to them. Please label all containers accordingly and divide them into meal-sized portions.



Often we will have pets that stay with us who suffer from pre-existing conditions or diseases, which need to be treated with medication. Our staff members will happily administer any medication that your pet requires, at no additional charge. Be sure to notify us in advance of the correct dosage.



As the owners of a pet boarding centre, the comfort and safety of our guests is our highest priority. This means ensuring that bedding remains impeccably clean at all times. All of our cat suites and dog kennels feature cosy beds that are composed of a specially formulated, ultra-hygienic fabric that offers five star sanitary protection.


For this reason, we unfortunately do not allow clients to bring along their own bedding. You’re more than welcome to bring your pet’s favourite toys or blanket to our facility, however. Please note that we take no responsibility for any personal belongings that are damaged or go missing during your pet’s stay with us.


Pick Up & Delivery

We understand that your hectic schedules can sometimes make it difficult for you to drop off and collect your pets. For this reason, we offer a convenient pet chauffeur service. Prices vary, depending on travel distance. Contact us for more information.


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