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Five Star Accommodation at Our Pet Resort on the Gold Coast

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Midtown Pet Centre is an acclaimed Pet Resort on the Gold Coast, nestled within the lush surrounds of the marvellous Tallebudgera Valley, our luxury estate is easily accessible for all pet owners. Our spacious dog boarding kennels provide ample room for all our canine guests, while our cattery offers premium accommodation for our feline friends, with both indoor and patio cattery suite options available. Family owned and operated since the 1970’s, the facility is home to warm and caring staff who ensure that your pets all have a fabulous time at our pet resort on the Gold Coast. We offer a full range of premium pet services at very competitive prices.


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Dog Boarding Kennels

dog boarding kennels gold coastAll boarding kennels at our pristine property are fully climate controlled, guaranteeing that all dogs enjoy pleasant temperatures all year round. Each dog kennel contains two water bowls and immaculately clean and comfortable bedding. We offer a variety of luxury accommodation options for all dogs, based on their size, including small, medium and large.


We have a vet on call 24/7, provide free unrestricted playtime, medical administering and more. The friendly team at Midtown Pet Centre stop at nothing to ensure that your pets receive the ultimate leisurely stay.


We pride ourselves on providing personalised pet care services for each dog, based on their unique personalities. For those with a more reserved temperament, they’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy their comfortable rooms and bedding, while the more spirited of our guests will be free to mingle with other like-minded dogs and enjoy as much exercise and outdoor freedom as they can handle.


It’s important that we always get a chance to meet with owners to discuss their pets and learn about their behavioural traits, special dietary needs and any other issues we should be made aware of. This will ensure a more enjoyable experience for them.


If you have a particularly social dog that revels in the company of others, we have a special buddy program available for them. If your pet is more independent and prefers a quieter setting, away from the others, they will still get plenty of exercise and enjoyment out of their playtime and through their relaxing walks with their attentive carer. Regardless of your dog’s temperament, there’s an endless abundance of wide open spaces for them to enjoy at our pet resort on the Gold Coast.



All cats that stay at our extravagant pet centre are quite simply the envy of the animal kingdom. With first class facilities and services, along with adoring staff that cater to their every whim, your cat’s experience at our purpose built cattery will be second to none. The cattery suites come in two varieties; indoor and patio.


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The indoor suites are better suited to cats that typically spend most of their time inside the house and offer a truly calm and harmonious setting for them. Our patio suites on the other hand, have been made for the Indiana Jones of the feline world.


Always seeking the thrill of adventure and conquest, the patio suites have all the creature comforts of the indoor but with the addition of a charming patio area that allows the cats to soak up the glorious rays of the Tallebudgera Valley.


All cats that stay at our palatial feline retreat, receive free home cooked meals, optional free climate control, free medicinal administering and of course, vet on call 24/7.


Day Care Services

Premium day care services are offered at our pet resort on the Gold Coast, each and every day of the week. Your pets will enjoy unrestricted access to the magnificent surrounds of our idyllic estate, as well as our full range of premium pet care services.


Endless Playtime

Dogs are renowned for their unconditional love and loyalty and our friendly staff ensure that each and every canine guest receives the warmth and tenderness that they deserve. We understand that all dogs have unique traits and tendencies; some are wildly energetic, always eager to go for a walk, fetch a ball or simply frolic about, while others prefer a more laid-back pace, instead preferring to soak up the magnificent surrounds of our gorgeous hinterland estate.


Similarly, all cats that board at our luxury Gold Coast pet resort are guaranteed to have a wonderful time with us. Whether they’re here for just a day or overnight stay, or perhaps a slightly longer term, our pet carers will ensure that they’re kept entertained and well looked after throughout their stay. For the more independent feline guests that prefer to be left alone, they’ll have plenty of things to keep themselves amused with, in our luxury cattery suites. If your cat enjoys the company of others, our staff will only be too happy to lavish them with all the cuddles they can handle.


Pet Nutrition

Your pet’s nutrition is as important to their health and wellbeing as their exercise is and we have an onsite chef that prepares a delicious range of freshly cooked meals including succulent chicken, beef, or tasty array of vegetables and rice. Additionally, we also serve super premium pet food, as well. We choose ADVANCE, because it has been designed exclusively for Australian pets and provides a host of important health benefits. In cases where your pet requires its own special diet, please bring along your own pre-packaged meals on the day of their arrival.


A Home Away from Home

When a pet enters a new environment that is unfamiliar to them and is separated from their owner, they can understandably feel anxious or intimidated. We do everything in our power to help your pets settle in to their new temporary homes as quickly as possible and we allow owners to bring along their pet’s favourite toys and blankets to help them feel more at ease with their new surroundings. Please be advised however, that all items are brought to us at your discretion and we will not be held responsible for any toys or items that go missing.



It is our duty to ensure that all pets that board at our facility remain healthy throughout their stay. This means that all pets must possess suitable vaccinations. For cats, an annual F3 vaccination is required. For dogs, either an annual C5, or C3 with a yearly KC booster is needed. For a more comprehensive overview of our vaccination requirements, please refer to the Vaccination section of our policies page.


Vet Services

Whilst we do everything we can to keep your pets happy and healthy, there may come a time when your pet does fall ill during their stay. When this occurs, we have a trusted veterinarian on call to deal with such matters. Owners will be contacted immediately to discuss the situation and any treatment that may be required. All medical bills arising from the treatment of your pet by a vet will be incurred by the owner.


High Level Security

Whether your loved ones are enjoying a quiet nap in the cosy surrounds of their boarding kennels or comfy catteries, or familiarising themselves with the idyllic outdoor scenery, we’ve invested heavily in security to ensure that all pets are kept safe and secure at all times. Additionally, all guests are under the constant supervision of our highly trained carers whenever they are outside.


Senior Pets or Those with Special Requirements

All mature guests to our pet resort on the Gold Coast, typically require a greater level of specialised care from our staff, and sometimes even veterinary attention if the situation demands it, they often have a variety of pre-existing diseases or conditions, such as diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, or other ailments. In some cases, we have older pets that board with us who exhibit symptoms of mature-age illnesses that have yet to be diagnosed.


It is for this reason that we strongly encourage all owners of older cats or dogs to have them examined by a vet before making the decision to leave them at our boarding facility. For a thorough overview of our services and policies relating to elderly pets, please visit our FAQ section, specifically the bottom section entitled ‘What if my pet requires extra care or is very old?’.


Dog Training

Professional dog training is vitally important for dogs as it teaches them how to behave correctly in all social environments. We offer a range of personalised training programs that ensure your dog conquers any behavioural issues they may be having and transforms them into the good-natured, well-rounded and obedient pet that you’ve always wanted them to be.


From excessive barking to destructive behaviours such as backyard digging, we’ll teach your dog to abolish their wayward habits, while providing you with all the necessary leadership tools you need to develop a strong and rewarding relationship with your beloved pet.


To learn more, visit our Dog Training page.


Dog Grooming

All dogs are treated like royalty at our dog grooming salon and we provide a full selection of premium services, including clipping, grooming, bathing/hydrobathing, as well as tick and flea treatments.

For more info, visit our Dog Grooming page.


Pet Valet Service

In the event that you are unable to drop off or collect your pets from our facility, we offer a chauffeured transport service starting from just $33.00.


Inspections Welcome

Visitors are most welcome to drop by and inspect our facility. To view our visitor times, as well as check-in and departure times, please visit our contact page.


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Just like you, we’re all pet lovers here at Midtown Pet Centre. Our pets mean the world to us and we only ever want the very best for them. For a truly grand pet accommodation experience like no other, contact the team at Midtown Pet Centre today, the premier pet resort on the Gold Coast.