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pet motel gold coast


Easy to navigate to, our wondrous Gold Coast Pet Motel, situated on pristine acreage in the beautiful surrounds of Tallebudgera Valley, is located within close proximity to heritage listed trees, native bird life and lush vegetation. Your cherished feline and canine companions will have a truly magical experience at our luxury estate. For those who live in heavily urbanised areas, your pets will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the clean, crisp air of this remarkable region.


Be sure to view the virtual tour video of our luxury Gold Coast pet hotel.


Premium Boarding Kennels and Cattery Suites

pet motel gold coastAll of our premium boarding kennels and cattery suites are climate controlled to ensure that your pets remain cool in the warmer months and warm in the cooler months. Ardent pet lovers just as you are, our staff members provide warm and compassionate care to all pets, within a totally safe and secure environment. As a leading figure in the Gold Coast Pet Motel industry, we’re constantly seeking to exceed our own standards of excellence and provide a level of premium pet care that is unrivalled by our competitors.


Pet Lovers Just Like You

The team of friendly professionals at Midtown Pet Centre make every effort to ensure that all of our favourite four-legged guests enjoy a fabulous time at our Gold Coast Pet Centre and it gives us all a tremendous sense of satisfaction to return your pet motel gold coastcompanions to you, knowing that their stay with us was a highly rewarding experience.


As passionate pet lovers ourselves, we completely understand that it can sometimes prove difficult to relax and unwind on your holiday, when you’re worrying about your pet and how they may be coping in your absence. With Midtown Pet Centre however, there’s never a need to leave your cat or dog all alone at home. Our team of friendly carers provide your cherished pets with a home away from home.


Family Owned Business

A proudly family owned and operated establishment since the 1970’s, we were one of the very first pet motels to open on the Gold Coast and now we’ve grown to become one of the finest. Whether it’s for just a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks, when your beloved cat or dog stays at our grand estate, you can be absolutely certain that they’ll receive the utmost love, care and attention that they truly deserve.


A Fabulous Experience for All Pets

All pets crave the companionship of those near and dear to them, and when your beloved pet stays at our pet boarding centre, that is precisely what we offer them. Just like human beings, we understand that pets too have their own unique personalities; some are playful and prefer the attention of others at all times, while others simply prefer to be left alone to relax and indulge in some quiet time. Whichever way your pet chooses to enjoy their time with us, we guarantee that they’ll have a delightful experience at our luxury Gold Coast pet boarding centre.


Safety and Security

Whether your pet is enjoying a lazy afternoon nap in the comfort of their cosy boarding kennel or cattery suite, or out and about, exploring the majestic beauty of our property, you can rest assured that they will be safe and secure at all times. Our premises are equipped with high level security systems and our highly trained staff keep a close watch on all pets throughout their stay.


Elderly Pets or Those with Special Requirements

All mature-age guests of our facility generally require a greater level of specialist care from our pet carers, as they often have pre-existing disorders or diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions or other illnesses that require special consideration. In some cases, an older pet staying with us may demonstrate symptoms of an underlying malady that has not be officially diagnosed.


For this reason, it’s important that all owners of mature-age pets consider having them checked by a vet to ensure that they are suitably well enough to be left at a pet boarding facility. To view our list of services and policies in relation to older pets, please visit our FAQ page, particularly the bottom section marked ‘What if my pet requires extra care or is very old?’.


The Midtown Pet Centre Difference

At Midtown Pet Centre, our staff pride themselves on delivering a first class boarding experience for all cats and dog that stay with us. From the moment they first arrive till the time they’re collected from us, they’re made to feel like family. We’ve invested heavily into our infrastructure and our people to help provide an environment that feels natural to them, not alien. All of our staff are highly trained carers who are warm and compassionate and who possess a genuine love for each four-legged friend who boards at our pet motel.


From the time our pet resort was first constructed, back in the 1970’s, our vision has always been to create a true ‘home away from home’ for the pets. Often, a pet can suffer from separation anxiety when they’re alone from their loved ones and their environment is unfamiliar to them. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our facility closely replicates the surroundings and daily activities that the pets are accustomed to at home.


An important part of helping each pet to transition to their new surroundings as easily as possible is to learn about their home environment, their typical daily activities and their personality traits. This is something that is done when we first we meet you. It’s important that we learn as much about them to ensure that they enjoy the best possible time with us.


Whether it’s a long-term stay or a brief sojourn, your pets are guaranteed a spectacular time with the friendly team at Midtown Pet Centre. We consistently receive favourable feedback from our loyal customers, which is a testament to the outstanding service that we strive to deliver.


Dog Training

pet motel gold coastJust as education is for human beings, professional dog training is essential for canines, as it teaches them how to behave in all social situations. Through our years of exposure to dogs of all breeds and temperaments, we’ve been able to develop and refine a set of dog training techniques that deliver proven results, time and time again.


We offer a full range of personalised training programs to suit every dog, helping to transforms them into the good-natured, well-rounded and obedient companion that you’ve always wanted them to be.


Whether it’s constant barking, aggression towards other dogs and people, or indulging in destructive behaviours that lay waste to the garden beds in your backyard, we’ll teach your dog to eradicate their unruly ways, while giving you all the necessary leadership tools you require to develop a strong and rewarding relationship with them.


To learn more, please visit our Dog Training page.


Dog Grooming

All dogs are treated like kings and queens at our dog grooming salon and we offer a full suite of premium pet care services, including clipping, grooming, bathing/hydrobathing, as well as tick and flea treatments.


To find out more, please visit our Dog Grooming page.


Our Pet Transport Service

pet motel gold coastIf you are about to embark on your holiday and are finding it too difficult to make time in your busy schedule to drop off or pick up your pet from our premises, our special pet valet service can take care of this for you. We’ll happily transport your pets to and from our pet centre at the agreed upon time. Fees vary and are dependent on your current location.


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