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Our Gold Coast Pet Boarding Facilities

Midtown Pet Centre is a purpose built, luxury Gold Coast pet boarding facility that has been designed to ensure that your cats and dogs receive the finest quality pet care services available. As a renowned and respected figure in the pet accommodation industry, it is our duty to see that our standards of excellence are constantly improving, allowing us to deliver a level of service and professionalism that is envied by all but replicated by none.

A vast residence situated on acres of marvellous Tallebudgera landscape, our animal boarding centre provides overnight, weekend and long term pet accommodation for all cats and small to medium sized dogs. Our experienced and compassionate staff understand the delicate needs and expectations of both the clients and their treasured pets, and are devoted to ensuring a safe and satisfying stay. For your convenience, a pet pick up and delivery service is available. Prices vary depending on your location. With an establishment that has been in operation for well over 40 years, we have a unique perspective when it comes to looking after the physical and mental well being of your beloved companions. Be sure to view the virtual tour video of our luxury Gold Coast pet hotel.

Safe and Secure Boarding

The safety and security of all pets that board at our pet motel is of paramount importance to us. We’ve invested in high level security measures throughout the premises to ensure that all pets enjoy our wonderful facilities in complete comfort and with maximum security. All pets are closely monitored by trained staff members and are kept under constant supervision while outdoors.

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Our Dog Boarding Kennels

From the moment your dog arrives at our estate, they will immediately be made to feel at home and will quickly settle in to their spacious boarding kennels. All kennels are fully climate controlled, ensuring your dog remains cool at all times during the oppressive summer heat, whilst also guaranteeing a warm and cosy atmosphere when the mercury drops during winter.

Far more than merely providing a convenient place for your dog to stay when you are away on business or holiday, all dogs that lodge at our boarding kennels are entitled to unlimited playtime, including exercise activities such as scenic strolls through the gorgeous surrounds of Tallebudgera Valley. Additionally, we also offer a ‘find a friend’ service, aimed at allowing your dog to find a suitable playmate.

Our Cattery Suites

Our air-conditioned cattery suites are well ventilated and offer plenty of room for cats to relax and play around in. Our suites come in two variations; indoor and patio. Indoor is suitable for pampered feline guests that prefer the comforts of indoor living, while the patio suite includes all of the perks and luxuries of the indoor suite but with the outdoor patio, allowing your cat to relax inside, while also having the option to venture outside and enjoy the glorious outdoor weather.

For guests with notoriously fussy dietary tendencies are catered for with our wide variety of cat foods, including dry foods, tins, gourmet rolls and home cooked meals. Regular grooming can be arranged for a small fee for cats with longer coats or for those that are staying for a protracted term. All cats entering the pet centre must be F3 vaccinated. As pet lovers ourselves, we love nothing more than to look after your adorable cats, when you are unable to.

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Female Pets

To ensure the best possible lodging experience for all our dog boarding and cattery guests, please read the rules on our policy page, concerning all female pets at our facility.

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A Memorable Experience for All Pets

There is no creature on the face of the Earth that is more loving, loyal and affectionate than a dog. To a dog, their owner is the centre of their universe and at Midtown Pet Centre, our warm and friendly staff do everything in their power to assume the role of the dog’s owner, during their stay with us.

From the moment our carers tend to them in the morning of their first day with us, till the time they say goodbye to them at the end of their stay, we provide each dog with the same level of heartfelt kindness and devotion as they receive at home. Similarly for cats, our luxury cattery suites ensure that each feline guest settles in quickly and feels right at home at our feline-friendly facility. Cats are typically more independent than their canine counterparts and our suites guarantee that they will have plenty to keep themselves amused throughout their stay. Our staff are always on hand to give them extra cuddles, keeping our guests happy and content at all times.

Senior Pets

Elderly pets that board at our Gold Coast pet motel generally require a greater level of specialist attention by our staff, due to their pre-existing illnesses or disorders, such as heart defects, diabetes, arthritis or other diseases that are common to pets who are in the advanced stages of their life. In some instances, an elderly cat or dog staying at our facility will show signs of illness that has yet to be diagnosed.

It’s for this reason that we encourage all owners of elderly pets to consider having them looked at by a vet prior to letting them board at our facility, to ensure that they are fit and healthy enough to stay in such an environment. To view our complete list of policies and services regarding senior cats and dogs, please view the bottom section of our FAQ page, entitled ‘What if my pet requires extra care or is very old?’.

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