Dog Kennels Gold Coast

The dog kennels at Midtown Pet Centre are nestled within the tranquil surrounds of the gorgeous Gold Coast hinterland and offer premium pet accommodation in a totally relaxed atmosphere. When boarding at our luxury facility, you can rest assured that your beloved pooch will receive the highest standard of care and attention from our warm and loving staff.


We have plenty of enjoyable activities on offer at our beautiful Tallebudgera Valley estate to keep your pets occupied, happy and healthy, while you’re away, including:


gold coast pet centredog kennels gold coastLong Scenic Walks

With large open spaces and ample room to run and roam, all dogs are treated to at least 2 scenic walks around our idyllic property each day.


gold coast pet centreUnlimited Playtime

The ultimate canine playground, your dog can romp around our purpose built exercise areas or explore the beautiful grassy pastures.


gold coast pet centreUnlimited Cuddle Time

Dogs are the most affectionate creatures in the world, and love unconditionally, but it’s important that their affection is reciprocated by the people around them. We treat every canine guest with the care and consideration that they deserve and always make them feel appreciated.


gold coast pet centreTreats

Nourishing treats are given to dogs twice a day, sometimes more. We love to spoil them!


Premium Dog Kennels

All dog kennels are large and spacious, ensuring your pets have plenty of room to lounge about and relax. Each kennel is equipped with comfortable bedding and is cleaned multiple times a day, guaranteeing sanitary conditions at all times.


Boarding Accommodation

At Midtown Pet Centre, we developed our luxury pet resort to cater to the unique needs of dogs of all sizes, including small, medium and large dogs. To help guarantee that each of our guests enjoy a delightful boarding experience, we offer a complete range of room types.


Smaller Dogs

Our small dog suites offer a high degree of comfort and seclusion, allowing your pet to relax and unwind, while enjoying their favourite toys. We find that our smaller guests typically prefer to be around other dogs of comparable size.


These purpose built, individual guest suites are in a completely different area to where the larger dogs are located and provide a great deal of natural light. All small dogs are given access to small dog recreational area which enables them to play with toys, socialise with other pets, lay about on deckchairs and enjoy a wonderful time.


Medium/Large Dogs

Our medium sized guests enjoy first class accommodation at our state-of-the-art rotunda compound which enables dogs to feel part of a social environment while keeping them safe and secure in their own impeccably maintained rooms.


The presence of a tremendous skylight allows plenty of natural light to flow through and christen the area below, ensuring all dogs are able to experience lighting conditions that are familiar to them. Each individual suite at our Gold Coast Pet Motel is specially designed to allow the guests to view other patrons whilst maintaining their privacy.


Giant Dogs

The team at Midtown Pet Centre understands the exclusive needs of giant dog breeds and has built a number of large rooms that accommodate our large-than-life guests. Each suite is equipped with ample space, deluxe bedding, views overlooking the surrounds of our beautiful hinterland property and everything else these gentle giants need to ensure a thoroughly relaxing stay.


Climate Controlled Accommodation

Australian summers are notoriously brutal and for this reason, we’ve installed a state-of-the-art air conditioning system to provide ideal temperatures all year round. Likewise, if it’s a chilly winter’s night, your dogs will be safeguarded by cold, as well.


Sound-Proofed Walls

There’s few things our beloved dogs fear more than the sound of thunder during a big storm and we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that any unwanted loud noises from outside are kept to a bare minimum by using sound-proof materials for all kennels.



We administer all special medication at no additional charge. If your dog does have special medicinal requirements, please be sure to notify us when you make the booking and provide all necessary instructions for us.


Dietary Needs

All dogs are treated to premium quality food as standard. If your dog does have special dietary needs or is used to having home cooked meals, our chef would be happy to create something specially for them from our kitchen.


Pick Up & Delivery

Ensure that your dog arrives and returns on time and in total comfort by taking advantage of our pet transport service. Fees vary depending on your proximity to our facility. For more information, please refer to our additional services page.


Contact Midtown Pet Centre

For more information about our luxury Gold Coast dog kennels, contact the friendly team at Midtown Pet Centre today. To come in for an inspection, please visit our contact page to find out the appropriate times.