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Five star accommodation for your dogs, with our luxury boarding kennels.

Luxury Gold Coast dog boarding kennels

The innovative design of our Gold Coast dog boarding kennels, located in the glorious Tallebudgera Valley, eliminates the use of wires and cages to simulate the natural home environment that your pets are accustomed to. At Midtown Pet Centre, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible care available for each and every dog that stays at our Gold Coast Pet Centre, ensuring that you can be safe in the knowledge that they are in good hands while you are away. Our management team and staff make every effort to give your loved one a truly fabulous pet resort stay.


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dog boarding gold coast kennels


The only building of its kind, our Gold Coast dog boarding kennels feature the following:

  • Fully climate controlled
  • Purpose designed to incorporate natural light
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Impeccably clean
  • Free unlimited playtime
  • Free medical administering
  • Vet on call 24 / 7
  • Home cooked meals


dog boarding gold coastMidtown Pet Centre is the best location to give your dog a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.


*suites start from just $28 per day per dog


The incorporation of an enormous skylight allows natural light to flood through the dog boarding kennels rooms. Each individual suite at our Gold Coast Pet Motel is specially designed to allow the guests to view other patrons whilst maintaining their privacy. On the few occasions when the beautiful Gold Coast weather fails to please our guests, our fully climate controlled reverse cycle air conditioners keep the facility at a pleasant temperature.


Each room is furnished with clean, comfortable bedding and refreshing, purified water. The highest hygienic standards are adhered to when cleaning and maintaining all accommodation facilities. We use a Trigene cleaning solution to ensure that each guest’s experience is safe and comfortable. Each dog boarding kennel is large and spacious, allowing ample room for your pet to stretch out, unwind and relax. Additionally, all boarding kennels are adequately sound proofed to help minimise distress to the dogs during a thunderstorm.


Boarding Accommodation

At Midtown Pet Centre we have designed our facility to specifically meet the individual needs of small, medium and large dogs. To ensure all our pets are comfortable and relaxed for the duration of their stay we offer a selection of room types.


Smaller Dogs

Our small dog rooms were designed with privacy and comfort in mind. Most small fury friends prefer the company of other similar sized guests. Our individual, small dog suites are ideal as they are completely separate to the larger dogs, are flooded with natural light and are private and safe. Our small guests can also enjoy exclusive access to our small dog leisure zone, where they can enjoy socialising, laying on the deckchairs and playing with a range of toys.


Medium/Large Dogs

For our medium sized dogs, our indoor kennel facility has been innovatively designed as a rotunda, which allows for both constant socialization and privacy simultaneously. The incorporation of an enormous skylight allows natural light to flood through the dog boarding kennels rooms. Each individual suite at our Gold Coast Pet Motel is specially designed to allow the guests to view other patrons whilst maintaining their privacy.


Giant Dogs

Midtown Pet Centre understands the unique needs of extra large dogs, therefore has specifically designed a small number of rooms for our giant friends. These rooms include the space; outlook, bedding and resources large breeds require to be comfortable and content.


dog boarding kennels gold coastLong Scenic Walks, Unlimited Daily Playtime

We understand the diverse needs that pets have and offer a range of free exercise options to ensure we fill your canine companion’s expectations.


Visitors to Midtown Pet Centre are able to enjoy long scenic walks with their carers, run and play freely in one of our large, fenced and sealed exercise areas, or frolic with their friends on our grassed parkland. The advantage of having a large estate means that there’s plenty of wide open spaces for your four-legged friends to roam around and enjoy the fresh air. We offer unlimited playtime and a minimum of two walks per day to all of our guests, free of charge.


All playtime sessions are fully supervised by our caring staff, and include plenty of hugs, pats and personal attention. We understand that each dog possesses their own unique personality and behavioural traits; some like to roam about and explore their surroundings, while others simply prefer to frolic in the glorious sunshine. Regardless of their playful tendencies, all dogs are well looked after and are guaranteed a fabulous time during playtime. For our more senior guests, less strenuous activities are arranged, with more emphasis placed on cuddling, chatting and companionship than physical exertion.


All dogs crave attention and the affection of others around them, and love nothing more than to frolic about and have fun. Whether your dog is widely energetic and adores the limitless freedom of wide open spaces, or prefers to take things at a slightly more relaxed pace, our caring staff will happily spend all the time necessary with your cherished companions, to ensure that they are blissfully happy at all times.


Premium Doggy Day Care Services

Does your favourite four-legged friend relish energetic, social environments? Have you ever wanted to know what your best bud gets up to while you’re away for the day?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to tend to your daily duties, knowing that your beloved pet is having an absolute blast of a time? Well, at Midtown Pet Centre, that’s precisely the assurance we guarantee you.


Our luxury pet resort makes use of leading-edge developments in global pet care research to deliver a level of service for our guests that is second to none. Our day care employs the fundamental principles of child care and we take every measure to ensure that each pet is treated independently, based on their individual characteristics, such as personality, breed, age and more.


Our action packed doggy day care services are the perfect choice for dogs who adore the attention of others, whilst being under the direct care and expert guidance of highly experienced professional pet handlers.


The Midtown Pet Centre Difference

At Midtown Pet Centre, we pride ourselves on offering a first class dog boarding experience for your pets, from the moment they arrive till the time that they are collected from us. Building and maintaining a luxury pet facility requires ongoing investment, and over the years we have poured a great deal of time and money into helping ensure that it continues improve and prosper. All of our pet handlers are warm and loving people who possess a genuine affection for all pets that stay with us.


We’ve strived to create a true ‘home away from home’ for all dogs. Each stay is filled with plenty of exercise, entertainment and one-to-one care, which aims to provide an easy transition from the home environment that they’re accustomed to. Whether it’s a long-term stay or just a short weekend visit, your dog is guaranteed a fabulous time with the friendly carers at Midtown Pet Centre.


We continue to receive favourable reviews from our loyal customer base, which is indicative of the high quality service that we endeavour to provide. Every dog has their own unique personality and character traits and for first time visitors, we take all the time necessary to learn about you and your beloved dog before he or she boards with us. Having intimate knowledge of each pet helps us to deliver a more rewarding experience for them.


The Find a Friend Program

At Midtown Pet Centre we offer a ‘find a friend service.’ If your dog is social and would appreciate the company of a suitable buddy, you may wish to take advantage of this option. We can tailor a schedule from full time to play time companionship.


The Utmost Security

Whether they’re lounging about in their comfy private boarding kennels, or exploring the beautiful surrounds of our idyllic hinterland retreat, our high level security measures and constant supervision, safeguard against any escape attempts, ensuring your pet is safe and secure throughout their stay.


dog boarding gold coastVet On-Call 24/7

Operating a first class pet facility means having access to a veterinarian at all times. All of our staff are fully trained in basic first aid treatment, but in the event that your dog does fall ill at our facility, a vet can be contacted at any time of the day or night and be at our premises at a moment’s notice to tend to your loved one. Beyond this, the team at Midtown Pet Centre is more than happy to field phone calls from clients, eager to hear about the latest adventures and expeditions of their favourite four-legged friends.


Diet and Medication or Special Requirements

We understand that all dogs are different and many have specialised dietary and medicinal needs. Unlike other pet centres, we do not charge extra for this service. We provide a full range of dry foods, tin foods and dog rolls.


Alternatively, we would be happy to ask our cooks to prepare a meal of your pet’s liking in our fully equipped chef’s kitchen. (ie. chicken, vegetables and rice) Our friendly staff are passionate about providing professional and loving care to dogs of all ages and ability. We can administer any required medication as instructed, free of charge. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the pet has the required medication supply for their length of stay with us. As stated above, we do have a vet on call 24/7 in case of emergency but we’ll gladly contact your own vet, if you prefer.


Our more senior guests typically require a greater level of daily care and attention from our staff, or even sometimes even veterinary care if needed, during their stay with us, as they will often have pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions, or other disorders or illnesses. In some cases, a dog may display symptoms of an illness or disorder that has yet to be officially diagnosed.


For this reason, it’s a good idea for all owners of elderly dogs to consider taking them to the vet prior to boarding with us to ensure that they are suitably healthy and won’t be at risk by staying at a pet boarding facility. To obtain a more comprehensive overview of our services and policies pertaining to senior pets, please view our FAQ section, specifically the section at the bottom entitled ‘What if my pet requires extra care or is very old?’.



All of our dog kennels are fitted with cosy beds that contain a specially-formulated, ultra-hygienic fabric, and as such, we do not permit clients to bring their own bedding, but we are more than happy for you to bring your dog’s favourite toys or blankets to help them adapt to their new surroundings.


Please note: Whilst we endeavour to ensure that all items are handled with the utmost care and consideration, Midtown Pet Centre takes no responsibility in the event that a personal item becomes lost or damaged at the facility.


Long Term Stays

Although short length stays are far more typical, circumstances will sometimes call for owners to leave their cherished loved ones with us for more extended periods. In these special cases, extra steps need to be taken to help guarantee that your treasured pet remains happy and healthy throughout their protracted stay with us. To find out more about our long term stay services, please refer to the section entitled ‘Can I leave my pet for a long-term stay?’ on our FAQ page.


Staying in Touch Through Social Media

As pet lovers ourselves, we understand how important it is for owners to be able to see how their adorable pets are getting on at their home away from home. For this reason, we post regular updates of our guests on our official Facebook and Instagram pages.


Sharing a Room Between Your Cat & Dog

Whilst two cats or two dogs from the same family are more than welcome to share a room together, we do not allow cats and dogs from the same family to share a boarding kennel or cattery suite as this may upset the neighbouring guests.


dog boarding kennels gold coastPet Transport Service

We understand that a hectic schedule can sometimes mean that getting your pets to and from our premises can be difficult. For this reason, we have a pet transport service that ensures your dog is picked up and dropped off at an agreed upon time. Fees vary depending on your proximity to our residence. For further information, please visit our Additional Services page.


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