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The Typical Day for our Canine Guests

Here at Midtown Pet Centre, the emphasis is on fun, exercise, wellbeing and the happiness of our guests. With this in mind, our day begins early for our canine companions commencing with playtime, and the space and time they need to relieve themselves.

Your canine friends enjoy individual explorations in our serene park like grounds for playtime and run around and also to catch up on the latest doggy news left by our wildlife overnight! Each individuals exercise and exploring needs are perfectly met each day as to how far and for how long they go; we like to be guided by the wants and needs of your special friend, accompanied by unlimited pats and hugs and of course plenty of one-on-one attention.

We also use this time to send in Housekeeping to clean and refresh each guests room for a clean and new start to the day.

Dog exercising

By mid-morning, it is back to our accommodation facilities where breakfast is served. We pride ourselves on catering to each individual’s dietary needs and requirements, which can include home cooked meals as you and your family prefer. It is not recommended to stray too far from their normal diet as this can sometimes play havoc with their digestive system. We also supply a range of the highest quality dry kibble foods and fresh cooked or raw meats.

After breakfast our special guests partake in a second morning playtime whilst our friendly team take each guest on another individual walk. Photos are often snapped and placed on our Instagram and Facebook pages so be sure to follow these pages in case your gorgeous boy or girl makes an appearance! Any requested professional grooming or required bathing will take place during these hours ensuring to complete the entire pampering experience on offer during their resort-like stay.

After our fun morning of play and socialisation we ensure our guests enjoy a rest in the climate controlled environment thought the middle of the day and provide lunch for those who have a midday meal. Most of our canine friends are used to sleeping through the middle of the day at home so this quiet rest time is happily received, especially after all the fun, excitement and mental stimulation of the morning!

After rest time our team are excited to take our canine guests for afternoon walks and playtime. At this time, each guests room is tidied and our team ensure everything is prepared for a comfortable evening. Those who are happy to be social are given playtime in our purpose built play yards or parks with other guests. This is a great catch up for those dogs that like making friends, we always encourage healthy social interactions where possible.

If your dog prefers not to socialize, we can most certainty ensure lengthy individual walks and lots of individual time on our dog parks or exercise yards is provided.

Dinner is served early in the evening for all our guests. We ensure to cater for each individual’s needs and have trained team members (including veterinary nurses) who can competently administer medication or supplements if required.

Later in the evening all our canine guests are taken for a quick walk to relieve themselves if needed before being tucked up into their cosy bed and rooms for a restful sleep until the morning. At Midtown Pet Centre, you are able to rest assured as a residence is positioned on the same property, near the facility and team members are able to respond to any needs throughout the night if required. Be sure to view the virtual tour video of our luxury Gold Coast pet hotel.

dogs socialising

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