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Special care and attention for your favourite feline friend.

Gold Coast Cattery – Country Retreat

All cats receive the best possible care at our luxury Gold Coast Cattery.


Every cat deserves the very finest in luxury accommodation and that is precisely what is offered to them when they stay at our beautiful estate. At Midtown Pet Centre, we’ve drawn from over 40 cattery gold coast boardingyears of pet care industry experience to craft and create premium quality catteries that provide maximum comfort for our feline guests. Our experienced pet centre staff have been trained to care for cats of all ages, including the oldest and grandest.


Each cattery at our Gold Coast facility has been carefully designed to reflect the environments that they are typically accustomed to at home, enabling them to settle in quickly and reduce any anxiety they may feel while in their new surrounds. Each spacious enclosure offers ample room for your cat to explore and lounge around, while allowing them to also indulge themselves in the numerous toys and furniture available, aimed at keeping their curious little minds stimulated.


Our location within the tranquil surrounds of the Gold Coast hinterland makes for an ideal cattery setting. Our exclusive cattery suites are safe, snug and secure. Cats are often prone to stress and anxiety, especially when separated from their loved ones and we understand the need to keep them detached from the other guests and allow them to enjoy themselves undisturbed.


Whether you require a daily, weekend or longer term stay for your beloved feline friend, the cattery at Midtown Pet Centre has been specifically designed to exceed the needs of all guests, ensuring an enjoyable stay for all guests.


  • cattery gold coast boardingClosest cattery to the gold coast airport
  • State of the art facility
  • Purpose-built enclosures
  • Competitive pricing from only $18.00 per day
  • Individual extra large suites
  • Choice of two types of rooms
  • Vet on call 24/7
  • Free home cooked meals
  • Free climate controlled option
  • Free medicinal administering
  • First class treatment from the moment they arrive
  • Professional care by experienced pet handlers
  • Non-allergenic beds
  • Idyllic location, free from noise and pollution
  • Unlimited cuddles and tummy rubs


Be sure to view the virtual tour video of our luxury Gold Coast pet hotel.


Midtown Pet Centre, the Gold Coast’s premier pet resort, is the best location to give your cat a relaxing and enjoyable holiday for just $18 per day per cat.


With the option of two types of Gold Coast cattery specific accommodation, we are confident your feline friend will have a comfortable and relaxing experience.


Indoor cattery suite

Many cats are accustomed to a life of leisure indoors and our climate controlled indoor cattery suits simulate this environment perfectly. For the shy, reserved or quiet natured guests the private, fully furnished rooms are ideal, offering a peaceful and tranquil environment.


Patio cattery suite

For the more adventurous felines our individual rooms with outdoor patio will certainly be of a fitting style. These rooms have all the comforts of an indoor suite with the option of venturing outside into the adjoining patio to bask in the sun or chase a butterfly or two. The individual cattery gold coast boardingrooms have an outdoor patio that is fully secure and allows the natural sunlight and fresh country air to swim through each of the rooms.


Immaculately clean patio suite provides plenty of natural light and fresh air and is equipped with gorgeously designed, non-allergenic fluffy beds that your cat will absolutely adore. Our committed team of cat lovers do everything possible to ensure that your cat enjoys a truly memorable stay at our pet centre.



All cat suites are fitted with cosy beds that contain a specially-formulated, ultra-hygienic fabric, and as such, we do not permit clients to bring their own bedding, but we are more than happy for you to bring your pet’s favourite toys or blanket to help them adapt to their new surroundings.


Please note: Whilst we endeavour to ensure that all items are handled with the utmost care and consideration, Midtown Pet Centre takes no responsibility in the event that a personal item becomes lost or damaged at the facility.


Unlimited Cuddles

For cats who crave affection and cuddles, or simply love to frolic around and have fun, our warm and caring staff will gladly spend time with them in their secure enclosures, ensuring your cat is cheerful and relaxed at all times.


The Utmost Security

Our spacious cattery enclosures are equipped with everything your cat needs to remain stimulated and happy, while the airtight security prevents any unforeseen escapes.


The Midtown Pet Centre Difference

At Midtown Pet Centre, our team prides itself on delivering five star boarding experience for all feline guests. Located amongst the majestic Hinterland of Tallebudgera Valley, all cats are able to enjoy the invigorating fresh air of the surrounding mountains, while amusing themselves in the gorgeous outdoor sunshine or relaxing in the cool shade offered by their luxury cattery suites. All suites are comfortable and spacious, helping to guarantee a stress-free stay for your beloved cat.


Maintaining a luxury pet resort requires routine investment, and we continue to invest in the infrastructure of our pet centre to ensure the best possible experience for all pets. Central to providing a fabulous time for visitors are our highly trained staff and animal carers. All of our handlers are warm and compassionate pet lovers who possess a genuine affection for all cats that board at our facility. Your cat is treated with the same level of loving care and attention that he or she would receive at home.


We’ve strived to develop a true ‘home away from home’ for all cats. Key to achieving this is being able to learn about your cat’s individual personality and traits; some cats prefer and are used to the constant companionship of their owners, while other cats may enjoy to simply be left to their own devices for most of the time.


For first time visitors to our pet centre, we’ll take the time to get to know you and your cat and carefully understand how we can best ensure a happy experience for them while staying at the resort. This information will help provide your pet with any easier transition into their new environment. Whether it’s a long-term stay or a brief visit, your cat is guaranteed a wonderful time with the friendly team at Midtown Pet Centre.


Day Care Services

Our day care services are an attractive option for owners who wish to leave their pets with us while they are away at work, and are available from Monday to Saturday, 7:30am – 5:00pm. Your cat will enjoy a relaxed day at our picturesque estate, staying in one of our luxurious cattery suites. They’ll have plenty to keep themselves occupied and amused and will be treated to all the love and attention they can handle at the hands of our warm and friendly staff. Our day care services are also a perfect solution for those who need somewhere quiet and peaceful to keep their cats while they are having renovations done on their home.


Delicious Food

We serve an assortment of appetising premium quality cat foods. From tasty, freshly cooked chicken or beef, to vegetables and rice, our onsite chef caters to the tastebuds of all our guests. If your cat requires a specific diet or prescribed meals, our staff will gladly serve these as well. We always aim to maintain the feeding habits that our guests are used to at home and feed them twice daily. Lunch time meals can be arranged upon request.


Long Term Stays

Although brief stays are far more customary, a set of circumstances may arise that forces an owner to leave their treasured pets with us for a greater length of time. In these exceptional cases, extra care is taken to help guarantee that your pet remains happy and healthy throughout their prolonged stay with us. Please consult the section of our FAQ entitled ‘Can I leave my pet for a long-term stay?’, to learn more about the services we provide for long term guests.


Staying in Touch Through Social Media

As devoted pet lovers, we completely understand how crucial it is for owners to be able to see how their loved ones are adapting to their new environment. For this reason, we add regular updates to our official Facebook and Instagram pages, featuring our happy visitors.


Sharing a Room Between Your Cat & Dog

At Midtown Pet Centre, we’re more than happy to allow two cats or two dogs from the same family to share a room together, but unfortunately we do not allow cats and dogs from the same family to share a cattery suite or boarding kennel, as this might upset our other guests, who may find it unsettling to have a dog residing in a cattery suite or cat staying in one of the boarding kennels.



All cats staying at the facility are required to have a current F3 vaccination, which protects against Feline Enteritis and Cat flu. Vets will normally recommend a 2 week quarantine period following vaccination, as some pets may experience a minor reaction to it. For this reason, please ensure that your pet has been vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to their stay with us, to help guarantee the safety of themselves and other guests.


Fleas and Ticks

It’s essential that all pets staying with us possess current flea and tick protection. For further information concerning required flea and tick preventative measures and medications, please consult our the ‘Fleas and Ticks’ section of our policy page.


Veterinary Service

If your pet happens to fall ill during their stay with us, we have a vet on call 24 hours a day, who is able to provide immediate assistance. Clients are also welcome to supply the contact details of their family vet, in case of emergency.


Special Requirements

If your cat has any medicinal or special dietary needs, please be sure to let us know upon booking and advise us on the necessary instructions. All medication is administered free of charge. All cats are provided home cooked meals as standard, but if you would prefer to supply your own, simply notify us.


Our more senior guests often require more care and attention from our staff, or even veterinary in some cases, during their stay with us, as they typically have pre-existing ailments, such as diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis or other conditions. In some cases, a pet may display symptoms of a disease or condition that has yet to be diagnosed.


For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider taking your elderly pet to the vet prior to boarding with us to ensure that they are in a satisfactory health condition. To obtain a more extensive overview of our services and policies concerning senior pets, please view our FAQ section, specifically the section at the bottom entitled ‘What if my pet requires extra care or is very old?’.


Convenient Pet Delivery Service

In the event that you cannot drop off or pick up your cat, simply enquire about our pet chauffeur service. Your pet will be safely collected and transported in air-conditioned luxury to their destination. Prices are dependent on distance travelled. Please contact us for further information.


Contact Midtown Pet Centre

For more information about our luxury Gold Coast cattery accommodation, please contact us via email or call our office on (07) 5533 9452.


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