Yes, we always prefer new clients to call out for an inspection prior to making a reservation. This not only gives you the opportunity to meet with our team and ensure that you feel 100% comfortable, however also allows us to meet your pet and check that he/she will be suitable for boarding in our facility.

You’re welcome to call in any time without an appointment between 7:30 am – 12:00 midday Monday – Friday and 7:30 am – 11:00 am on Saturdays.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our reception is open for arrivals, departures and inspections between 7:30 am – 12:00 midday Monday – Friday and 7:30 am – 11:00 am on Saturdays. We like all our guests to arrive in the morning as it gives them the day to get to know our team, settle in to their rooms and go for walks with new friends. We are also open between 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm Monday – Sunday afternoons for departures only.

We do require every guest to be currently vaccinated (even for daycare and grooming). Please remember to email your current vaccination certificate prior to arrival or bring it with you for check in. It is necessary to have an annual C5 or equivalent vaccination for dogs and F3 or equivalent vaccination for cats.

Midtown Pet Centre asks all guests to have current tick and flea protection while boarding. If a pet already has current tick and flea treatment at home before checking in, please advise the reception team of the date administered, expiry date and product type. If your pet is staying for a period longer than the covered period, your welcome to supply the product and we can reapply it on the appropriate day for free. Alternatively, a range of products including frontline, bravecto, nexgard, advantix and frontera are available to purchase from Midtown Pet Centre at arrival if needed.

Each suite is already furnished with comfortable bedding, blankets and toys, however you’re welcome to bring something small from home. We find an old shirt or something of the owners is often very useful. Alternatively a favorite toy, blanket, ball or cushion is great. Please note that we can’t guarantee those things will be returned and/or in the same condition. Due to our rigorous hygiene standards, we do use our own beds and pillows.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram. We love posting photos of our guests and adventures. Please ask our team upon check in and we will do our best to post a photo of your fury family member. (Free of charge).

Yes we do. We transport your much loved family member in a safe, air-conditioned and very comfortable vehicle, just like you would. We offer transport to and from the entire gold coast area. We can also arrange airport transport and collection. Please give our friendly administration team a call for a transport quote.

At Midtown Pet Centre, we offer Day Care Monday-Saturday 7:30am–5:00pm. Your dog will play, socialise with other dogs, go for walks and have a fun-filled, action-packed day, ready for a long sleep when he/she gets home. This is a very popular option for commuters whose pets end up being stuck at home all day bored and destructive while they are at work. Cat owners also often find this option great when they have work being done around their home and need a quiet place for their feline friends to relax amidst the construction.

We understand that our guests often book in with their family and friends, and would prefer to share a room with them for the duration of their stay. We are happy to accommodate these requests. Additionally, we do have a buddy share system option for those dogs who just love company and making new friends. We try to cater to all types of requests, so let us know what you would like during your pet’s stay and we will accommodate your wishes wherever possible.

We welcome canines or felines from the same family or who are close friends to stay together, however, unfortunately we can’t mix dogs and cats together while at our facility. Although your dog may like cats, unfortunately other dogs may not feel the same affection towards them and visa versa.

We make every effort to keep things as similar to home as possible. Midtown Pet Centre has a range of high quality dog and cat foods. We cook fresh chicken/beef, vegetables and rice every day and we can cater for guests who require a special diet or prescription food. In this circumstance, individually packaged daily portions or sealable containers are required to be provided by the pet owner. Every effort is made to keep the feeding routine similar to their home environment. Most guests are fed twice a day at home however we can feed lunch if requested.

Over the past 40 years we have had the privilege of caring for many pets for long term stays. We have had guests stay with us for over two years consecutively and others who stay for three or four months every year.

We understand that it’s hard to leave your pet for a week, but it’s extremely hard to leave them for months at a time.

It is important to have trust and understanding when leaving your pet for a long period of time. To that end, we ask that before making a long-term reservation, owners make the time to meet with our team and discuss the specifics and idiosyncrasies of your fury family member. We like to treat our guests like our own pets and we want to know everything we can about them. We also ask your permission to take your pets to the beach, parks or office with us as we would our own. (Free of charge of course).

We love making people smile, so will periodically email, post on social media or text photos and videos of your cat/dog so you can be sure they are happy and enjoying their home away from home. We can also organise for any grooming, immunisation or veterinary treatment to be completed in house and for a minimal rate. We ask you to understand if we get a little emotional when you collect your friend. As the time goes by, they do become a part of our lives as well as yours and although we are happy they are going home, we often find it hard to say goodbye.

Of course! You’re welcome to visit your pet while they are staying with us. Some guests even go to the beach or park for the day and return in the afternoon. However, many dogs do take some time to settle back into the facility and miss their owners for a few days after a visit. In these cases, it may be kinder not to visit or to minimise the visits, as although nice for the owner, the dog ultimately suffers.

Cats are very unique and individual as well. Some cats love to see their humans and don’t mind if they come and go, others do miss them each time and may not eat or present other signs of stress after a visit. We ask owners to openly communicate with our team and work together in the best interests of the cat.

At Midtown Pet Centre, our primary consideration is the welfare of our guests. To that end, boarding a female in “heat” poses hygiene concerns in the boarding kennel and cattery environment. Additionally, pheromones and scents released from the female pet in “heat” can evoke behavioral changes in other guests staying with us. If you have an entire female pet then we respectively ask you to consider the following options.

Option 1: Seek alternative care or accommodation for your pet.

Option 2: Contact your veterinarian regarding medication to delay or postpone your female pet from coming into “heat”.

Option 3: Have a friend or family member who is immediately available to collect your pet upon showing any signs of coming into heat (agreed at Midtown Pet Centre’s discretion).

In the unlikely event that your pet requires veterinary treatment during their stay, we will attempt to contact you and/or your listed emergency contact on the telephone numbers and/or email addresses provided to seek instructions. If we are unable to make contact through these methods, or a situation is presented in which an immediate decision is required, we will make a decision based on the welfare and best interest of the pet.

Please note that all veterinary fees are the responsibility of the owner. We have very experienced team members (some of whom are vet nurses) and we are continuously checking the health and happiness of our guests. Furthermore, we have a Vet on call and a resident manager who lives onsite.

Canine Cough (Boardatella bronchiseptica):

Canine cough is not inclusive to dogs, it can be transmitted between many different animal types. While vaccinations help to prevent dogs from obtaining the virus, dogs can catch canine cough when they inhale bacteria or virus particles into their respiratory tracts. This can occur at any time including at a dog park, going for a walk, and interacting with other animals (not only dogs). While every precaution is taken to prevent canine cough in the boarding kennel facility, not unlike humans catching the flu, dogs can catch canine cough.

KC is initiated with a viral (parainfluenza) infection and damage to the mucus membranes of the upper respiratory track, which is then followed with a bacteria phase with Boardatella. At this stage the effects can be mucus pooling and a coughing and retching action. Vaccines are fairly effective against this disease. The standard vaccines contains both a viral and bacterial component to protect against both stages of the cough. Due to the ability of the parainfluenza virus’ to mutate it is hard to produce vaccines that work against all strains. Therefore if our team notices signs, immediate vet treatment will be sought.

In most cases, canine cough is not a serious condition and most pets are able to recover without receiving any specific treatment.

Popular breeds include:

  • French Bulldog
  • Pug
  • British Bulldog
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Boston Terrier
  • Boxer
  • Brissels Griffon
  • Pekingese

There are others on the list but as mentioned above, these are some of the more known or popular.  This breed of dog can have breathing health related issues and are also very prone to problems during heat and excitability. To that end, we ensure our facility is climate controlled year round so our guest are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These breeds are generally walked and enjoy playtime in the early morning and late afternoon during summer time so that they don’t suffer from the heat.

Midtown Pet Centre understand that these breeds have special needs and takes all measures to ensure their health and well-being, however they can be prone to life threatening issues in a very sudden and short amount of time.

Many airlines have strong travel guidelines and restrictions in place with Brachycephalic dogs and cats because of the delicate upper respiratory tract anatomical anomalies.

We advise that veterinary check ups should be considered prior to boarding and consideration by the owner during warmer months to ensure optimum pet health.

Post-operative, geriatric or senior pets often require special considerations when they board, especially if you are travelling for a long period of time. Dogs and cats are creatures of habit and routine, and do best when they can maintain a consistent daily pattern. Seniors may be more set in their ways, and disruption to their schedule may cause additional stress to an ageing body.

At what age, exactly, is a furry friend considered a “senior” or “geriatric” pet? The actual age varies depending on breed (with larger breeds aging more quickly than smaller dogs), but generally any dog over the age of 7 – 9 years will be noted as a senior pet and any cat 8-10 is considered a senior guest.

Older guests will typically require more attention from our team, or even veterinary care, during their stay as they generally have more pre-existing medical conditions than our younger pets. For example, heart conditions, diabetes, kidney and/or liver dysfunction, low thyroid, arthritis and other joint problems, are commonly seen in senior pets. Some conditions may be underlying and not previously diagnosed prior to boarding. Therefore, before making arrangements for your senior pet to board, first make an assessment as to his/her overall health and temperament. It may also be a good idea to book your pet in for a veterinary health check just prior to boarding to ensure that all is well (or at least stable) with his/her health.

If your senior pet has a number of medical conditions, gets very stressed in new situations or is not an experienced boarder, you may want to consider alternative boarding options such as a home pet-sitting service. If you do wish to board your pet and they have a serious or unpredictable medical condition, your veterinarian may be a better choice, as they will be able to spot an impending crisis quickly and take the appropriate action.

If however, your pet is relatively healthy and happy. If he/she has boarded previously, with a relatively laid-back reaction to new things, then you may choose for them to stay with us at Midtown Pet Centre. In choosing this option, we would recommend that you take a tour of our facility to give you the opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns as far as the care of our senior citizens.

When it comes to the care of special needs or aging pets, Midtown Pet Centre will;

  • Offer plenty of opportunity for your senior pet to get out and walk around/receive individual attention. This will help keep his/her joints mobile and avoid any uncomfortable stiffness and allow our staff to monitor their health very closely.
  • Work with you to provide any special dietary needs.
  • Administer any medications according to veterinary directions.
  • Allow extra time for our team to interact with and assist dogs that have hearing and/or vision deficits.
  • Have quiet areas for lodging away from the general commotion of the younger pets.
  • Take the time to make your dog more comfortable if he/she appears overly anxious or stressed.
  • Seek immediate Veterinary attention should your dog stop eating, appear distressed, or experience any bouts of vomiting or diarrhoea.

It is critical to your pet’s wellbeing that you advise our staff of any health problems or concerns. Be honest. Midtown Pet Centre is here to provide the best care possible for your senior pet, but may not be able to do so if we are not aware of pre-existing conditions.

Remember, we do not know your dog as well as you do, and subtle differences in behaviour or habits that may be indicative of a developing problem may go unnoticed if you do not inform us of what is and isn’t normal for your pet.

It is also extremely import that you leave a forwarding phone number where we can contact you in the case of an emergency. We also ask, where possible, that you provide an additional contact number for someone local and who will be able to make health-care decisions for your pet if we are unable to reach you on the number provided.

In the event of an emergency, Midtown Pet Centre must be familiar with your wishes in terms of what action you would like us to take. We also ask that your veterinarian be authorised to provide information to our pet care team if our facility has questions or concerns about the health of your pet. Vets respect patient privacy in a similar fashion to human doctors, and unless you have given your approval, they may not be able to provide the information that we need to make an informed decision about the welfare of your pet.

There are a variety of alternative boarding options available to care for your senior pet while you travel. We ask that you make an informed decision based on his/her overall health, temperament and needs, that way, it can be a relatively stress-free and enjoyable experience for both you and your senior pet.

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