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Midtown Pet Centre offers more than just outstanding boarding facilities. We provide a range of additional services for both our guests and visitors.

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Gold Coast Pet Centre

Acclaimed Gold Coast Pet Centre, Midtown Pet Centre is renowned for its first class pet accommodation facilities and pet care services. Each pet that lodges at our luxury Pet Resort on the Gold Coast receives their very own climate-controlled room, ensuring that they remain cool and comfortable on a hot summer’s day and warm and cosy on a frosty winter’s night. Additionally, each guest room is furnished with clean, comfortable, non-allergenic bedding, an assortment of toys and bowls containing purified water.

First Class Pet Care for Every Cat and Dog

At Midtown Pet Centre, we understand that not all pets are the same. Different breeds, ages, personalities, temperaments and individual needs have led us to design a purpose-built pet resort that accommodates each and every cat and dog that we lovingly care for, from the youngest to the oldest and from the biggest to the smallest. With a vet on call 24/7, you can be certain that your pet’s health and wellbeing will never be in danger. Each facet of our facility has been specially engineered to ensure that each cat and dog that lodges at our pet centre, enjoys a truly memorable experience.

Premium Pet Services

gold coast pet centre

Diet is every bit as important to a pet’s health and vitality as exercise is, and for that reason we supply a range of high quality Gold Coast pet food.

Unlimited Playtime, Plenty of Outdoor Exercise

Plenty of fresh air, sunlight and daily exercise are not just essential for human beings, but animals alike. At Midtown Pet Centre, there’s ample room available for all pets to frolic outside. We have a full range of recreational activities available, guaranteeing that each animal that stays at pet boarding facility is kept happy and relaxed throughout their stay. Each pet is entitled to unlimited playtime and each dog that stays at our luxury estate is given daily walks amongst the tranquil surrounds of beautiful Tallebudgera Valley.

Family Owned and Operated Since The 1970’s

A family owned and operated labour of love that was first established over 40 years ago, the team at Midtown Pet Centre have been working tirelessly ever since, in an effort to refine, perfect and evolve this truly remarkable facility into the ultimate Gold Coast Pet Centre that it is today.

Professional Pet Carers

All of our animal attendants are warm and compassionate pet lovers just like you and provide the utmost level of care and attention to our friendly four-legged guests at all times. No matter what day of year it is, including public holidays such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, there will always be dedicated staff at our Gold Coast Pet Motel to tend to your pet’s every need.

Our staff are very hands-on with their approach to pet care and will closely monitor each pet to be certain that they’re adapting to their new environment and thoroughly enjoying their stay. With lots of cuddles, pats and pampering, our carers ensure that Midtown Pet Centre really is a home away from home, for our guests.

High Level Security

Whether they’re lounging about in the comfy confines of their luxurious private boarding kennels or catteries, or out and about sampling the wondrous surrounds of our pristine hinterland oasis, our high level security measures coupled with the steadfast supervision of our professional carers, help safeguard against any escape attempts and ensure the absolutely safety of your beloved pets at all times.

Day Care Services

Our day care services are a highly popular choice for clients who wish to leave their pets with us while they are away at work, and are available from Monday to Saturday, 7:30am – 5:00pm. Your dog will enjoy a wonderful day at our pet resort, with the chance to play, mingle with other dogs and go on walks through the picturesque wilderness of our estate. This is also an ideal solution for cat owners who are having renovations done on their home and require a peaceful area for their pets to remain during the day.

Delicious Food

We serve a delectable array of premium quality dog and cat foods. From sumptuous, freshly cooked chicken or beef, to a tasty assortment of vegetables and rice, we accommodate the appetites of all guests. In the event that your pet requires a special diet, our staff will happily serve the food that has been provided by you. We aim to replicate the feeding routines that your pet enjoys at home and for this reason we serve each guest twice daily. Lunch time meals can be arranged upon request.

Long Term Stays

Although short term stays are far more commonplace, circumstances will sometimes require an owner to leave their beloved pets with us for longer durations. In these special cases, additional steps are taken to ensure that your pet remains happy and healthy throughout their extended stay with us. Please refer to the section entitled ‘Can I leave my pet for a long-term stay?’ on our FAQ page, to find out more.

Senior Pets

Our more senior guests to out Gold Coast Pet Centre will typically require a higher degree of daily care and attention from our staff members, or sometimes even veterinary care if the situation calls for it, as they often have a variety of pre-existing medical conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, or other disorders or ailments. In some cases, a cat or dog may display symptoms of a condition or disorder that has yet to be officially diagnosed.

For this reason, it’s a good idea for owners of elderly cats or dogs to consider having them examined by a vet prior to letting them board with us at our facility, to ensure that they are sufficiently fit and healthy enough and will not be at risk while staying at the premises. For a more thorough overview of our services and policies regarding senior pets, please view our FAQ section, specifically the bottom section entitled ‘What if my pet requires extra care or is very old?’.

Special Requirements

At no additional cost, our staff will be happy to administer any medication that your pet may require. Please advise us at the time of booking and we will follow your instructions precisely. Likewise, if your cat or dog has specific dietary needs, please make us aware of these upon arranging your booking.

Pet Transport Service

The ultimate convenience for our customers and their beloved companions, we offer a special pet transportation service to ensure that safe travel for your cat or dog to and from our premises is never an issue. Transport fees vary based on your proximity to our pet centre. For more information, please refer to our Additional Services page.

Why Midtown Pet Centre?

gold coast pet centreWe’re Dependable

Your beloved pets are always safe under the supervision of our experienced and professional pet carers. Whether it’s walking your dog, feeding your cat or simply giving your pet the attention they deserve, all animals are well supervised.

gold coast pet centreWe’re Experienced

We’ve been in operation right here on the Gold Coast for over 40 years. The business is still owned and managed by the same family and we’ve been providing first class pet care ever since. Our pet centre is recommended by countless vets.

gold coast pet centreWe’re Conveniently Located

Our luxury estate is located only 15 minutes away from the Gold Coast International Airport, enabling clients to easily drop off and collect their pets on the eve or return from their journey. We also provide a handy pet transportation service as well.

gold coast pet centreWe’re Flexible

We offer a wide range of enjoyable activities at our pet centre that help guarantee a pleasant experience for all pets, regardless of age or temperament. From scenic walks, to frolicking in the grassy fields or gentle petting, every pet will have a wonderful time.

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